The iKontrol system is the best solution within mobile quality assurance and photo documentation.
Gather your quality assurance and finish your registrations at the same time.

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Digital Quality Assurance


Are you still using pen and pencil during you internal QA? Or do you have a digital camera with you on the building site? Then it is time to consider a new digital solution.


Avoid mistakes with a digital quality system


Quality assurance is necessary for many contractors, who need to document how their work has been executed in accordance with the quality requirements. Systematical documentation in a quality assurance system, helps avoid mistakes and misunderstandings during the building process, and provides a visual overview in the form of a report for both the owner and the counsellor, sequentially and after the project has been finalized.


Pen and pencil, or a digital camera, are ineffective and outdated procedures which will lengthen the QA process and make it more difficult. With iKontrol, your digital quality assurance system, you become more effective during your workday. The system is time saving and easy to use – both on a strategic, tactical and operational level.


Flexible system to your quality assurance


Our digital quality assurance system and app is used in both construction and service firms in Denmark, but can be utilized in other industries as well. The system empowers an effective working strategy, and is used for both photo documentation, technical requests, inspections rounds, digital inspections etc.


The iKontrol system consists of four different licenses, which include different models. It is a flexible system to improve your quality assurance, that can be modified to fit your needs. You are not obligated to buy a specific number of licenses, and you only pay one month ahead.


We consciously develop the system in collaboration with our consumers, so that we meet the needs of the market. That is one of the reasons that our consumers are so satisfied with the solution.


Digital quality assurance with app


The system consists of an administrative system, and an AQ app. Create your lists and control schemes on a specific project, easily from the desktop in your office, and perform your quality assurance directly in the app during safety walks, digital defects management, etc. in the field. Your data, consisting of pictures, comments, etc., will be saved directly to the project that you are working on.


The iKontrol system is the best solution on the Danish market, and will help you get more effective in your daily work. If you have any questions regarding the system, please let us know, or try it today! Please, contact us by e-mail or phone.